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In collaboration with Dr. Paul W. Ackermann, we have developed a treatment table which is specifically tailored to the needs of the patients. The slightly prominent foot piece can be adjusted, so that the length of the bed can be customized to the patient.

The shape of the head and chest parts of the bed makes it extremely comfortable for the therapist. It allows the therapist to work very close to the patient in the treatment of the cervical and thoracic spine and thus the therapist has better contact with the patient. Besides, the therapist can protect his own back, because he can adjust the operating positions easily.

Another special feature of this table is that both the chest- and pelvis parts of the table are selectively height adjustable. Thereby the therapist can treat the "posterior ilium" or "ilium anterior" of the patient in the prone position. This therapy position is quicker and elderly patients do not need to turn around. Furthermore, you can adjust the treatment table into a "Convenient position," so that even patients with acute lumbago-sciatica can lie on his/her stomach without discomfort. Even in patients with severe kyphosis or lordosis, the treatment table can be adjusted so that an optimal therapeutic effect can be achieved.

• Length: min. 185 cm / max. 195 cm; Width about 52 cm

• Height adjustment: 46-89 cm

• Frame: aluminum gray (RAL 9007)

• Adjustable length is standard with hand switch

• Special upholstery stuffing "Dynamic" according to Dr. Ackermann for "Structural osteopathy and Soft Chiropractic" 

• Roof position and inclination of the torso and leg section with hand switch with 2 motors

• Body part separately adjustable from 0 ° to + 20 °

• Pelvis and Leg part separately adjustable from 0 ° to + 13 °

• Foot part 10 cm extendable

• Lifting capacity up to 200 kg (tested according to EN 60601-1 with 4-fold load = 720 kg static)

• Headpiece with nose slit incl. Cushion insert, continuously adjustable from + 45 ° to -50 ° with gas spring, length 38 cm

• Standard mobile on 2 wheels at the head 

• Height adjustment with no horizontal drift

• Upholstery: see separately

• Battery powered for grid height adjustment, lockable with key

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